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Hosted by Richard Huttner

In each CEO Adventures in Leadership podcast, CEOs reveal their winning strategies – how they hired top talent, built high-performing teams, led transformative change, revitalized their organization’s culture, and created a winning vision. CEO guests also tell what they learned from their failures and how they met tough challenges to create successful futures for their companies. 

Each episode is hosted by Richard Huttner, President of Successful Manager leadership training and author of The Universal Management Principle Workbook -- How to Motivate Your Team Better.


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"Rich, I wanted to thank you for a great presentation and educational session last week. The team had a great meeting and got a lot out of your session." -- Alex Faigel, CEO Dr. Dental chain 

"Not just the content that you delivered, but more importantly the style in which you delivered it and explained the concepts. Your demeanor in this regard is unique and professional. Thank you !!" -- Gordon Craig, CEO Sterngold.




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1. December 9, 2019

Gordon Craig, CEO Sterngold, discusses revitalizing corporate culture, building a strong leadership team, leading change, and environmental responsibility.

2. January 2, 2020

Terry Moore, CEO of BEPeterson, discusses how to energize corporate growth, how to creatively find new markets and new customers, and how to align the organization around key strategic objectives.

3. January 7, 2020

Alex Faigel, CEO Dr. Dental, talks about - how to build a successful company, including start-up, structuring for expansion, hiring, developing people, capitalization, innovation, and organization building.

4. January 13, 2020

Pascal Mittermaier, former CEO of Roche Canada and Italy, discusses how an inspiring mission can be a key employee motivator in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He cites examples of  how sustainability can both engage employees and unlock new market opportunities.

5. January 20, 2020

Geoff Hynes, CEO of REXA, discusses how to build partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, how to continually reinforce and improve the value of your products, and how to hire team members who are proven team players. 

6. February 3, 2020

Michael Tamasi, CEO of AccuRounds, talks about continually energizing and developing the team to drive initiative and improve efficiency.

7. February 17, 2020

Phil Holman, CEO of Fourstar Connections explains how to build profitable customer partnerships, retain long-term employees, and access daily key company performance measures.


8. March 2, 2020

David Karofsky, family business consultant, discusses best leadership practices to meet key family business challenges like succession, communication, and governance.

9. March 23, 2020

Mike Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental, discusses how caring enhances core company values like communication, honesty, respect, and innovation and how to hire employees who will embrace them.

10. April 6, 2020

Jud Reis, former CEO of Gorton's, explains how in challenging times and as customer preferences evolve to lead innovative organizational change and maintain product leadership.

11. April 20, 2020

Russel Pergament, Managing Partner, Affiliated News Services and Travelers Marketing, discusses how a balanced, empowered management team provides the foundation for an entrepreneurial company and how sales drives its success.

12. May 4, 2020

Henrik Werdelin, co-founder of BARK and founding partner of Prehype, discusses The Acorn Method, a powerful new way to energize new business growth. The Acorn Method works in both Fortune 500 companies and much smaller enterprises.

13. May 18, 2020

David Rubinstein, CEO of Opti, explains how a generalist successfully manages a cutting-edge engineering company. It's all about taking care of and encouraging team members so that everyone becomes intensely focused on meeting customer needs.

14. June 2, 2020

Rick Williams, Managing Director of Williams Advisory Partners, discusses important challenges a CEO must meet to transform a mid-size company into a much larger one. He also describes the CEO's crucial role in times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

15. June 16, 2020

John Regan, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), cites the importance of communication and inclusion to leadership success -- especially for crisis management. Actively reaching out to all stakeholders is key.

16. June 29, 2020

Manasi Gangan, CEO of Nested Bean, describes how she has taken her innovative company from startup to success. She covers the importance of curiosity, how to build a fired-up team, and why a an inspirational, commonsense mission should drive the company.

17. July 15, 2020

Junior Jabbie, CEO of Banneker, covers how a company has a duty to make its employees' lives better, become a vital customer solutions partner, and improve the communities where it is located.

18. July 29, 2020

Harald Stock, life sciences and biotechnology CEO and entrepreneur, shares his passion for building strong, diverse management teams. He discusses how to lead companies in both Europe and the USA, the importance of listening more and talking less, and the challenge of integrating personal and professional lives.

19. August 12, 2020

Rachel Haley, CEO of Clarus Designs, explains how to hire successfully in a rapidly-growing organization; why clear, focused communication leads to outstanding team performance; and how her company enables more women to have meaningful careers.

20. August 24, 2020

Charlie Saponaro, CEO of MRA, explains how to manage remote employees through people-centric leadership and robust two-way communication. By building strong manager-team member relationships, his company experiences high productivity and low turnover.

21. September 10, 2020

Jim Coughlin, CEO of The Northbridge Companies, discusses the many leadership benefits of a partnership  and how building a corporate culture based on caring about and developing team members can really pay off.

22. September 21 , 2020

Charlotte Caseborne, CEO of Theolytics, gives a vivid picture of a startup biotechnology company designing viruses to fight cancer. The company's culture is based on collaboration, candor, and curiosity.

23. October 7 , 2020

Paul Clayson, CEO of AgilePQ, reveals how he has run successful technology companies by  establishing a compelling strategy; being honest and transparent; deeply caring about employees, customers, vendors, and the community; and instituting vital processes.

24. October 19, 2020

Anthony Samuels, CEO of DRB Facility Services says, "Always deliver to your customers what you have promised -- and more. Along with hiring and paying for capable people and taking care of staff at all levels, that's the way to build a successful company."

25. November 2, 2020

Dusty Rhodes, CEO of Conventures, reveals her unique method of building a winning team, including how to select top team performers, how to nurture and support them, and how to inspire consistent excellence in execution.

26. November 16, 2020

Drawing upon how the American military’s elite special forces' warriors are chosen, Mike Sarraille and George Randle, the authors of The Talent War, explain how to bring top talent into your organization to create a lasting competitive advantage.

27. November 30, 2020

Craig Hinkley, CEO of WhiteHat Security, explores how to set a company's vision based upon collective customer needs, consulting the management team, and thinking deeply about the "unknown unknowns." Vision mixed with humility and listening are a sure road to CEO success.


28. December 15, 2020

Dan Kenary, CEO of Mass Bay Brewing Company, explains how employee ownership creates engagement, promotes resilience, and inspires innovation.  The truly successful company must  care about its employees and the society in which it operates.

29. January 4, 2021

Mark Landgren, CEO of The Nexxus Group, advises how maintaining a positive attitude, celebrating life, trusting team members, and learning from mistakes fuel business success.